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April 21, 2020

During this shut down due to Covid-19, our business has to be on a stand still while this passes by. The other day I had a dream that I did a photo session of my husband in the alley.  Since the weather is beautiful and everything is blooming and the fact that I CAN’T do photo sessions at the moment, I guess that was my brain trying to come up with ways to take pictures.

I woke up and ignored it, but the thought never went away.  I am in alot of photography groups and I have photography friends, and I heard they were doing curb side or porch photos.  Just like with any crisis its good to take pictures of these memories or the empty downtowns worldwide because these need to be remembered to go down in books.  As the days kept going by and the thought of my dream never going away, I decided I needed to capture this for my memories.

I asked my husband if he would want to be my model and he agreed, but I did choose to do them right before work, so he wasn’t quite in the mood.  You can see on his face in some pictures, he was thinking “Hurry up, I got to go to work”.  Either way, I am glad he was patient with me and let me take them.  These arnt glamorous pictures and some were taken in the street, but I will always remember that sometimes you need to be creative and follow your dreams……literally!!!


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