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May 29, 2020

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Meet Brittany! Brittany is going to a next chapter in her life and she wanted to do this fun session for herself!  I do think most of Boudoir sessions I have done are for the woman and I think that’s a beautiful thing!

It was supposed to rain during our session and I must add that we had this planned BEFORE Covid hit, so she has patiently waited for a few months.  Now the day came and it was supposed to rain.  Brittany had a back up plan and booked a hotel room!  I LOVED how her pictures came out and we even did get to squeeze in some outside sessions in a wedding a dress before the rain did come in.  In the last pictures of her dress session, you can see how dark the sky got, but Brittany still rocked the session!

Brittany was ready and had everything she wanted to use and I love when my clients know what they want and come prepared.  Alot of these sessions, most people know what they envision and I want to execute that for them!  I am all for ideas and will encourage them to share with me some pictures they have in mind so I can get to know my clients vision alot better.

Her session was classy, sexy, and tasteful and you will see in the images below, just how stunning she is!


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