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April 6, 2021

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I may be a little biased, but I am proud of this man!  This is my husband and here he is about to graduate in a few weeks, I can’t believe the time is here.

Let me just say that he started back to college when we were dating.  I knew when we got married that I would be the main source of income coming in, so he could go to school full time, but he also worked in the evening.  Throughout our whole relationship, we haven’t seen alot of each other, so I am excited to have more time to share together.  When we got married is when the good Lord opened up my hearts desire that He put there about doing my business full time.  Joseph supported me 100% and helped get my business going.  With me working full time, doing my business in the evening and also him going to school full time and working in the evening, we are ecstatic to hopefully have one job each.

Life has brought alot of ups and downs the past few years with trying to finish, but I couldn’t be more proud that it didn’t stop him.  He was determined and I was determined for him to try and make it as easy as I could for him to reach that finish line.

I just know that I am so proud of him! I know getting married, losing a parent, working, providing and trying to make sure your marriage stays strong  all while going to school has to be tough!  The good Lord above was with us each step of the way and we feel blessed!

We did a session with trying to beat the sun going down since there was some other photographers in our spot, but I love these photos.  Joseph is used to being my model, but this time this was about him.  He was silly, goofy and had fun!  We also got some of him and his laptop since he is going to school for Computer Science!


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