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April 8, 2021

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I saw this fake shower scene from another photographer in California and I was like YESSSS!  When I first saw the shower idea it was Fall weather and I knew that the weather was getting colder and it would be a perfect Spring/Summer offer!

I had this original location in mind in which I have used before in photo shoots and its a old parking garage downtown but it has a warm light to it.  Well we get there and get all set up, when all of a sudden an alarm starts going off and then another alarm.  It was so faint though, that I wasnt sure if it was in that garage or outside somewhere else.  Then we hear this guy come over this speaker and we cant quite make out what hes saying, but decide its not worth it and to leave.

Luckily, I had just done a Senior session at this location and I was like, we need go over there.  I remember pulling up and getting out of my car to unload everything and there was a few cars behind me and I told Sarah that, “I bet those are other photographers.”  We got there first and low and behold, it was a small girls softball team.  This building had enough walls to cover up Sarah in this photo shoot, but there was alot of girls and parents around!

Sarah was gracious enough to help me with this idea.  I told her when we got together, that I have this vision, but I cant promise anything, but as you can see in the pictures below, these pictures were better than my vision.  Sarah is amazing and beautiful and I didn’t have to shoot alot.  We chatted, had fun and came up with lots of different ideas and poses.

Check out her steaming shower session below.


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