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July 16, 2021

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We didn’t know what happen to cause us getting pregnant that month and the only thing I did different was squats and eating less.  They say you have a better chance at getting pregnant within 3 months after a miscarriage, so I repeated everything I did the month before.  I did the squats, I ate better and we were trying.  I remember on March 15th I started to have HUGE ovulation pains 2 days after I was supposed too.  I knew this was going to be the day that we needed to try no matter what!

I was super busy this month.  The weather was starting to warm up and I was busy with photography sessions and also working full time.  I was so busy that I didn’t even pay attention to my cycle or when I would start my period soon.  When I am about to start my period, I have every symptom possible.  I am moody, craves chocolate, sleepy, headaches, mild cramps, skin breaks out, tender breasts, etc. I woke up on March 26th snappy at my husband.  He asked me if I was PMSing and I said, “NO!”.  Then it made me start to think where I was at on my cycle.  I use an app and updated it every month for the past 9 years and I realized I was a day late.  Even though I am regular, my days can fluctuate 1-3 days, so its not a big deal if I am a day late.  I was checking all of my symptoms in my head and had none! No period symptoms and no pregnancy symptoms, so I was super confused.  I got up and decided to take a pregnancy test to make sure.  I sat there, waited and didn’t see a line, then went on with my day.  I came back to use the bathroom and saw a faint line.  I asked Joseph if he sees anything and he says “A little bit”, but he didn’t think it was a positive. I also know that you can get an evap line and that’s why you don’t read it before the time or after a certain amount of time.


We had errands to run that day and I picked up a digital to see.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I treated the day very casual. I came home, took the test and it was pregnant!!! Joseph was there and we were super excited, but also scared.  I calculated and was about 3 weeks and 5 days from my last period, but knew I could be less than that, because I was only 11 days if I went off of my ovulation cycle.

We found out on a Friday and Joseph wanted me to do the blood work that day, but I couldn’t! I needed those extra few days before getting my hopes up or even down! I soaked up the thought that there was a sweet innocent little micro size baby growing in my belly.  I knew those numbers were going to stress me out and so on Monday, I went and got my blood work which came back to 92.1.  I waited a few days and when I say I was stressing out, it was horrible! I had so much anxiety and kept refreshing my chart to see and then they came in!  They needed to at least double and when I saw the number, I started to cry.  It jumped up to 250.1, almost tripling.  I thought I was having twins!  I was so excited and so scared to lose this baby.  Overtime I got to see the line get darker and darker which made me feel relieved.

We got to set a Drs appointment at 6 weeks to see the baby.  Those next few weeks dragged on forever. It was literally the longest weeks I can ever recall in my life.  I told Joseph that my biggest fear would be to leave that Drs appointment and still wait.  I was scared that they wouldn’t see the baby or things would be up in the air since it was so soon.

That day comes and the Dr goes in and see a HUGE cyst on my right side, which is normal for me.  Then they find the sac, but no baby!  I was heartbroken.  He tells me to come back in 2 weeks to see if they can see the baby since it was so early.

I lied!! Those 2 weeks were the longest!!!  To make things even more stressful, our Drs appointment was on April 30th and my husband was graduating college the next day! We had friends and family coming in and I just knew my mood would be different knowing that I had an empty belly, but wanted to be happy for my husband.

We went to our Drs appointment and I was confident that day.  My symptoms in the past couple of weeks had gotten so much stronger that I knew this baby was going to make itself known.  Sure enough, he goes in and there is my little peanut wiggling around.  I cried, Joseph cried and even the nurse cried.  She has been amazing to us and with us through our journey.  I  left happy and excited!

The next day, walking around the coliseum where Joseph graduated and setting up for a party made me exhausted.  At the end of the party, I had to go use the bathroom and saw spotting.  I was about to be 9 weeks at this point and we just saw the baby and I freaked out! I laid down and the party came to a close.


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