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July 17, 2021

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Months before, we had planned a trip to the beach before I was pregnant for our summer vacation, college graduation and also before Joseph started a new job.  On Mothers Day May 9th, us and a couple of friends drove to Galveston.  I was worried being away from home and away from my Dr.  I was worried about a long car ride and so every 2 hours I would get out, pee and stretch my legs to try and prevent blood clots.

We made it there and everything went smoothly.  We unpacked and went to go get dinner.  The restaurant that we picked was an outside type restaurant right on the beach which we have been before and because it was Mothers Day, the line was super long.  We stood there for maybe 45 minutes in line and then finally made it in.  Joseph and I were behind a couple of people getting ready to order our food, when standing there I felt this bubble in my private area and then more of a gushing feeling. I told Joseph I think I’m bleeding and went straight to the bathroom.  Of course there was a line and I patiently waited while thinking I am miscarrying on Mothers Day and first day of vacation.  I’m standing there and it’s my turn to go in a stall and the lady who comes out says there is no toilet paper in this stall.  Well I was standing next to a stall that was so filthy that no one was using it, and I went and grabbed some toilet paper with my leg still out in line and the old hag (still bitter) behind me went straight in there.  I was in disbelief and wanted to hurt this lady so bad!  I didn’t care at that moment and told everybody in there, “ I am miscarrying right now, I need a bathroom!”.

Joseph messages our friend to check on me and she does.  She goes and gets Joseph to come in the stall with me.  There was blood all in the floor from where I was waiting in line.  I told him that I wasn’t cramping so I didn’t understand why I had so much blood coming out of me.  It was a true blood bath. I checked the toilet to see if there was any baby or tissue and there wasn’t any, just blood.

Joseph and I left and went straight to an ER.  They checked my cervix and said I still had my mucus plug and then ran lots of test like checking my urine, blood work and they also did an internal and external ultrasound. The sad part is we couldn’t see what she was doing and if the baby was okay and she couldn’t say anything.

Joseph and I talked while we waited for all of the test results and I told him that no matter what, I will enjoy my vacation!  I said, “If we don’t have a baby, I will enjoy it and if we do have a baby, I will rest and enjoy it!”  I have always been the kind of person that when something bad happens, I soak it in, I give it to the Lord, I learn, I cry, I accept it, and I try to still live life the best I can in that situation!  I try hard to not stay trapped in a depression and know that Gods will be done in my life.

The lady who did my ultrasound comes in an hour or so later and says, “I can’t tell you anything, but all I can tell you is that you have nothing to worry about.”  It gave me ease, but I saw all that blood and wanted to know what in the world was going on.

The Dr comes in shortly and tells me that I have a small sub-chorionic hemorrhage in which the placenta detached from the wall and blood filled up in that small tear and then it spewed out.  He said the baby is fine and to rest that week.  He said I can come in and do blood work to make sure the HCG was still rising but I didn’t go in because those numbers stress me out and still don’t always mean anything.

So for the next week on vacation I laid on the couch! The greatest thing about our beach house was that our backyard literally was the beach.  I could see everyone playing in the water as I sat on the deck.  One day I did get to go down at the beach to sit and got my feet in the water.  I had an amazing time with amazing friends, even though the situation wasn’t ideal, I had a baby in my belly!



The ride back home was horrible.  I was super scared and wondered if the drive down there was what caused this, so the whole time I was stressed.  We got to Ft Worth which is about an hour and half from us and I had to lay down because I was super uncomfortable.

The following week I went to see my Dr to see if it healed and what was going on.  I got to see my baby!  My baby was so much bigger just in those 2 weeks from when I saw little Peanut right before Joseph’s graduation.  They were kicking their legs and waving their arms and I fell in love.  We recorded it and I have watched it a million times.  We also did the genetic testing and the sex of the baby testing that day. He said the hemorrhage looked like it healed up and I should be good.


 I went back to work the next day.  I worked 7 hours and went to the bathroom and noticed I was bleeding and it was getting worse.  I didn’t understand! I just saw the Dr and just seen the baby, why am I bleeding?

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  1. Susan Moses says:

    Bless you Joy 🙏💜 how are you both doing, much love

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