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January 27, 2022

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Amanda came to this session with 2 sessions to do!  We did a couples session with her and her man Manuel and also a Boudoir session outside in the cold!  Amanda is a fitness model and she let me practice with her and I was grateful.

We first started with the couple session and the sun was still on the bright side, but since we were downtown the buildings helped with the sun! I wanted to do this photoshoot in front of this big building that we have, but it was reflecting right off to the other side of the park, but I still love the outcome!  We went exploring a little bit and then it was time for Amanda Boudoir’s

session.  We knew that we were going to come back when it got a little darker to go back to the couple’s shot!

Right where we were was this colorful alley and took photos there.  One thing that I do enjoy with Amanda is that she models often and moves in poses and I usually dont have to direct her.  She does her own thing and I love it! As we got done with the alley we decided to find another location.  We stopped at the corner and saw that we were next to Maniacs Mansion and Amanda mentioned how she would want to do a photoshoot there.  As we were talking Marcus McGee the owner pulled up and we told him that one day we want to do a session in there and he invited us real quick as he was getting ready for a private party.  I had never been in there, but my husband has, and I would love to go back and play! It was like walking into my childhood and I loved all of the colors!

This session was just so much fun and I enjoyed not knowing exactly what we were going to do and just winging it! It was a blast to just walk and look and then things just happened and we got to capture it!

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