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February 2, 2022

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Valentines Day is around the corner and I photographed a young couple in love, I photographed a little boy with his parents and those are all true love!!! BUT what about everlasting true love.  The one that has brought many years of ups and downs and everything life has thrown at you!?  So I was in search of a couple who has been in love for many years and found John and Ruth!

The week that I was introduced to them, two days later they were celebrating their 65th anniversary, which was on January 27th!!  They still live together with just the two of them and their sweet little puppy Jacque.

John and Ruth have raised many kids with some just their own and some others as well who needed comfort and a roof of their head.  They lived out in their dream home on the lake and spent many years fishing and enjoying their time there.  They had met back in school and were friends at first and then it turned into true love.  John & Ruth went to prom together and I even got to see their pictures when they were younger! They were handsome and beautiful, just like they are now!

This love is a kind of love that you admire and want for yourself! That kind of love should be everyone’s goal who is married!  I truly got to enjoy meeting them and hearing their story! Ruth and John are a true delight and a blessing to anyone who has them in their path.


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