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July 21, 2022

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We started this series called New Chapter and I offered it to the ladies in my Boudoir group. I had a lot of ladies who are entering a new chapter and they are all different, but eager to take those steps into it. Some are scared, some are excited, and some are both and ready to see where it takes them.

Zoe fell in love with a guy she met on vacation. Both of them lived in the same state but were still a good 6-7 hours away, so it was a long-distance relationship. Zoe would go down and visit him often, but to travel across Texas by yourself can be exhausting and even scary.

Up until then, Zoe was preparing to move, get married, be a stay-at-home wife and start making a family. This was her dream and she was so exhausted for that next chapter. When it came to a crumbling halt, she caught herself confused about what to do.

After a few months of being sad and trying to figure out what to do, she got up, brushed herself off, and started to do things on her own. Zoe at this point had been a very co-dependent person and she is now ready to spread her wings and be by herself for a year. She has applied for an apartment a few hours from where she grew up, got accepted, and even applied for nursing school!

Zoe has told me that she wants to remain single for a year, grow on her own, figure herself out and be proud to stand on her own two feet.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be super scary. You dont want to fail, you dont want to be alone, you dont know what’s going to happen, and it’s all new. But let me tell you, stepping out and taking that leap, is something that you dont regret when you look back on your life. You catch yourself growing the most in those moments.

There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that this sweet girl Zoe is going to make it, prosper and love her new chapter. When I met her, she was glowing and ready! Zoe is stronger than she thinks right now, but I do hope she sees that strength soon! I know that God has great plans for her life!

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  1. Shayla s says:

    BEAUTIFUL ZOE BEAUTIFUL and You got this boo love you girly

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