New Chapter | Ashley

July 22, 2022

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Ashley was interested in doing the New Chapter series we are doing, but I kind of already knew a little bit of her backstory.

Ashley got pregnant at a younger age and loves her son so much. She met a guy and was in a relationship for the past 4 years. They moved in together, and as a couple helped raise their kids together. Even though they had plenty of great memories at the end of the day things just didn’t end up working out.

On the positive side though, this is her first time out on her own and she is loving it. She has lost 20 pounds & she and her son have been exploring the world and new things together.

I think sometimes when we are stripped down and when we are out on our own, is when we learn and grow the most within ourselves. Sometimes independence can be lonely, but when you are out of that season of life, you can look back and be proud of that person for making it through and being stronger than ever.

Knowing Ashley for the short time I have, I have zero doubts that this woman is going to succeed and be stronger than ever! She isn’t going to let anything or nobody from stopping her get to what she wants and I admire that!

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