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I love late nights, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients like when it comes to going on an adventure. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, you want your memories made to last, and you'd like to make a friend  in the process, keep scrolling, We can't wait to meet you. 

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Since I have been doing the annual Stay Strong cancer portrait session, I thought it would be a good time to share my story.  I always joke and said cancer runs in my family like water, because it seems to be true and the sad part is, its all different kinds of cancer, not just […]

This little beauty was a natural!!!  Her parents took her to the Texas/Oklahoma Fair for the first time this past weekend.  I have to say, she did so good stopping and taking pictures when in reality she just wanted to ride the rides and I don’t blame her.  When I would ask her for a […]

I got to meet this beauty and capture some photos of her.  She was a real delight!  I did end up taking her and her family on what seemed like a mile hike to some locations by our lake.  One thing that I have noticed lately that the sun is coming up slower in the […]

This handsome little fella is turning one years old!  This photo shoot was a quick session while the sun was popping through the clouds, but let me tell you, he was a natural.  He was so calm, so curious and I’m sure he thought we were all weird trying to grab his attention. I want […]

Malea was so much fun to work with!  She is turning into a young lady and at the fun age where she is learning her style and who she truly is.  We did go with a mix of mature and a bit of fairy tale.  When I got all the pictures up, to me the […]

This beauty loves western!  Her name is Mackenzie, 15 years old and a beautiful girl inside and out!  Shes one of those girls that when you meet, you know is going to get far in life! She has goals and dreams and I have no doubt that she will reach them!  Mackenzie has a tender […]

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