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I love late nights, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients like when it comes to going on an adventure. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, you want your memories made to last, and you'd like to make a friend  in the process, keep scrolling, We can't wait to meet you. 

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I give this girl props!! She traveled all the way from Wichita Falls to the mountains in Oklahoma for this session and she absolutely did wonderful!!  She came prepared with handcuffs, a whip, sexy lingerie and even extra toys! Meet Megan!!  She is beautiful and knows her sexiness!  Megan knew exactly what she wanted and […]

I hate to even write this because I felt like I just wrote the blog on NOT having a retainer fee!  The truth is I didn’t want people to go out of their way to pay me an amount and I wanted to make it easy. In reality, I have came across situations where a […]

Joyful Memories Photography loves the fact that we don’t have you put down a retainer fee or pay for a percentage of your session before hand to secure your spot (unless wedding packages).  We make sure your time and money is important because we know what its like to invest in something and take time […]

This session almost didn’t happen.  We had plans for days before to have this session on April 30th and when the day came storms were coming our way.  We talked earlier in the day to see what the weather was going to be like and I was going to message back a few hours before.  […]

We had alot of feedback when we posted about finding your brand.  We love to help people try and find ideas for their goals and dreams.  Before I meet a client, I always ask what style of pictures and what ideas do they have in mind.  Of course we have our own style, but I […]

Its true, I got my dream lens.  I have waited over a year to get it.  Even though I wanted to get the f/1.4, I got the f/1.8, which is a triple amount in savings.  It is mostly for portraits, which I do most in my business.  I can’t wait to share with you all […]

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month. I have shared in a previous post about my cancer story and how cancer touches close to home with me of all kinds. When I hear someone who is going through dialysis, waiting on a list for a kidney, or is fighting the fight of kidney cancer, I instantly […]

My husband and I knew this was going to be a year of learning.  Since the passing of my father-in-law last year, we had a lot of responsibilities that got handed to us, that we didn’t know anything about.  We started praying for guidance and direction last year for what God want’s us to do.  […]

Last year when I finally buckled down and wanted my business to go somewhere, I had to figure out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to represent myself to the public.  Its more than picking out your name, but its finding the style you want that best represents you.  Mine came down to […]

Angelica is such a sweetheart and a Survivor!  Her daughter Daisy saw the Stay Strong ad and entered her mom! I am going to put exactly what Daisy said when she wrote me I saw that you are giving away sessions to cancer patients. My mom is current on her last week of radiation. She […]

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